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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Race Morning - IMLP 2006

It is 3:15 am and I’ve given up trying to sleep. I took 2 x 10mg of Ambien and still I couldn’t fall asleep. I had some weird twisty turny dreams, but nothing that constitutes a good night’s sleep. I spent half the night counting backwards from 100 to see if I could get myself to nod off, all to no avail. I finally had to get out of bed as I was giving myself a headache with the back of my head lying down on my pillow all night.

My room has a king size bed and I am sharing with my father. He is a snorer, but on previous nights it didn’t bother me since I was successfully in a chemically enhanced slumber. Tonight though, the snoring would was really annoying and making it all the more difficult to fall asleep. I finally had to put my swim earplugs in to drown out the noise.

At one point during the night I heard a loud buzzing sound. I didn’t know what it was and thought nothing of it. Around this time though, my father stopped snoring and I was able to take out my earplugs. The silence was disconcerting as I couldn’t hear him breathing and I suddenly thought it may have been the fribulator that my father had installed several months ago. I wondered about this for a minute or two thinking if he just had a heart attack it would really ruin my chances for a PR today. His back was facing me and I touched it to see if he felt cold. Well, it was cool in the room so his skin was quite cool. I started to seriously worry for a second when he finally felt my hand on him and started to move. I felt much better, but still wasn’t able to fall asleep.

Well, that’s my night. I guess I will just wait for sunrise now. Hopefully the hours ahead will be more productive.


Blogger nyflygirl said...

i think i actually saw you out there!! near the end of the bike course, and near the finish later. anyway, congrats-can't wait to read the race report :)

10:36 AM  

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