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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day 3 and 4 at IMLP 2006

Day 3

It’s an odd feeling to be sitting around with nothing to do. I already did my easy workouts, previewed the bike course by car and ate lunch. Now all I am doing is sitting by the lake waiting for time to pass. If my kids were here I am sure I would be frolicking around with them in the water or perhaps paddling around the lake in one of the hotels boats. It wouldn’t be relaxing, but I’d be happier.

I ran into several members of the Asphalt Green Triathlon club. Many of them are getting together at various points to workout or eat. For some reason I don’t feel the urge to gather with them or seek out anyone for company. I prefer to be by myself to relax and let the time pass.

To pass some time, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean with my father. The movie was ok and nowhere near as good as the first. After we ate dinner and then took a walk around the lake. While we were walking we saw someone selling puppies from the back of their car. I thought of buying one and taking it home. That probably would not have gone over well with the wife, but I am sure it would have been the coolest thing I could have brought home to my kids from Lake Placid. After our walk, it was back to the hotel to watch some TV and go to bed.

Day 4

I did a short swim in Mirror Lake and a quick bike ride on the ending and beginning segments of the course. I stopped by Todd’s hotel and had the front desk call his room to say they were closing the hotel on the Health Inspectors orders. We hung out for a few minutes afterwards and then I continued on with my ride.

I finished packing when I returned and took a short nap. Around 1pm, I was going to head out to check in my gear, but it was raining at the moment. My dad and I stayed hung out in the room until just after 2pm, when we decided to brave the elements and check my stuff in.

I love this kind of weather - rainy and cool with a soft breeze. Best of all, I get to look out over the lake while lying in bed. As far as a relaxing environment goes, it doesn’t get much better than this.

We had dinner with Todd and his wife at Mr. Mike’s restaurant. We all had pasta with grilled chicken. It was yummy, simple and delicious. Todd and his wife tried to talk me into doing Ironman again next year. They think I should do it because it is something that I love and enjoy. To tell the truth, I don’t know if I do. I guess I will know if I don’t sign up for it and feel intense disappointment that I will not be in it next year. I suppose I could always sign up and just not do it, but that is an expensive way to insure I have the option. I could spend the race entry fee on lots of other things. I’ll just have to see how I feel Monday morning.


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