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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Still Tired

Thursday, July 13

Today I am taking a day off from training. I ran yesterday and my legs felt so dead that I had to take a couple of walking breaks during a 4 mile run. The Bronx Half Marathon took a lot out of me and I am beginning to worry that I won’t recover in time for IMLP. Perhaps I will get a swim workout in this evening and if so, it will just be a day off from anything that significantly involves my legs.

I’ve been a bit overly stressed lately regarding a work project, so perhaps that is contributing to the malaise and over trained feeling I am experiencing. My sleep hasn’t been optimal and I imagine that has been a factor in my recovery.

I don’t think driving over 230 miles yesterday helped my body at all. I was in my car driving for 7 total hours and it took a toll on me.

Friday, July 14

I did manage to swim Thursday evening. It was a short and interrupted swim. I arrived at the Red Hook pool around 6:25pm. I was hoping to finish quick, so I could get home to let my wife go to a Pilates class. At around 6:40pm, they closed the pool for the day session and I had to wait around 20 minutes for the night owl session to begin. That only left me with about 20 more minutes to get in my workout, so I just did what I could and called it a day.

Today my legs were feeling a little better, so I did an easy 18 mile ride with some short bursts of speed; or at least what can be considered speed compared to my easy pace. I rode with Rob for a while and it was over quick enough. It felt ok, but overall I was still tired. I got an afternoon swim in at the Red Hook pool. A continuous 2500 yard set with a 200 warm up and 300 cool down.


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