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Friday, July 28, 2006

Done Not Much of Anything

Thursday, July 27

I have done not much of anything the last few days. Monday when I got home I sort of took a brisk walk with my wife to a restaurant several blocks away, other than that, nothing. I suppose part of the reason for this is I had to go for a colonoscopy this morning and I wasn’t allowed to eat for 24+ hours. I didn’t want to work out yesterday or today on a completely empty stomach. I weighed myself before I left the house this morning. I came in at 146.5 pounds. I should probably put on some weight. They found some inflammation down below during the procedure, but nothing that raised any serious alarms. That probably accounts for the bleeding I’ve been experiencing when I take a dump. I’ll find out more when the biopsy comes back in a week or so.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get up early and do a workout. I am not sure I feel like it yet. I guess I’ll know when I wake up in the morning. I may just be happy to veg out in bed.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I am sitting in Union Square park passing time while waiting for a 4pm appointment. It’s warm and humid, but at least the sun is hiding behind some ominous looking clouds. In fact a drop of rain just hit me.

I finally managed to get in a workout. I went for an easy three mile run up the East Drive of Central Park during my lunch hour. I thought about going longer, but I could tell my legs were not really up to it. I just ran slow and easy and thought about running the Badwater 135. I figured with my tired legs, blazing sun and high heat, the conditions would be a hint of what Badwater would be like.

I’ve got to decide what I feel like focusing on next year. I’ll probably make a list of pros and cons as to whether or not I should do IMLP next year. I can think of reasons to go both ways and hence the need for a list. If I don’t do IM, I could just focus on shorter triathlon events or focus on my running and going ultra distances. Maybe that is the next kind of challenge I need. I know I can withstand the suffering that comes with Ironman, perhaps its time to see if I can withstand something a little that would pose a bit more of a challenge.

I’ll end this now and use my remaining time before my appointment to start my list.


Blogger Morrissey said...

pretty amazing to do a quick run during your lunch hour...i wish i had the power to do that!

hope everything is well with the checkup

11:37 AM  

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