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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sympathetic Detonations

I see that my friend ST has been nosing around my blog and posting anonymous comments. Its too bad he doesn’t post his blatherings publicly. He is not shy about public speaking and often does so in front of a live audience when he reads his poetry aloud.

I had the pleasure of witnessing his poetry in action at the reading of his book “Sympathetic Detonations”, a collaboration with artist David Lantow. As Todd explained it, the book is an Action Adventure Series in a 5 part graphic novel about a day in the life of striptease artist Jackie Grease, whose aimless wanderings through New York take the reader on a surreal, philosophical journey about nothing in particular.

As when it comes to most things with Todd when he speaks, I am often left confused and/or amused. I must say that most of the deeper meaning behinds Todd’s words frequently escapes me. Much like my understanding of how he can possibly believe he will ever beat me in another head to head match up in a multisport race.

Back to his poetry, I will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it despite not being able to understand most of it. I thought about writing about it on my previous posting, but decided not to because A. It wasn’t topical to what I was currently writing about and B. I was running out of time since I had to take the kids to soccer. I was hoping Todd would show up and surprise Lucas at his game, but I guess he was too tired from a night of reading (sorry for the guilt trip).

After soccer this morning, I setup my bike on the trainer and rode a very easy 85 minutes while watching a movie called “The Station Agent”. The movie and the ride were so mellow that I wasn’t even sure I was moving. In a sense I wasn’t but at least I got a ride in.


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