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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Several people from my office have discovered my blog. This could be a dangerous thing as it may cause me to censor myself before I make a posting or risk writing about something that could cause me embarrassment. I suppose I have to ways to combat this problem. I could write defensively, whereby I make sure I don’t write about anything that could cause me embarrassment, or I could write so offensively that my blog simply grosses my coworkers out and they won’t come back for a return read.

I could also make my blog very boring, but I don’t know how to write boring. I’ve started many posts in the past that I became bored with and abandoned them by clicking the little red X in the upper right hand portion of my screen. I think I will stick with offensive since that is so easy to do being an endurance athlete.

Bowel problems, stomach problems, bloody blisters, road rash, snot, snot rockets and the like are all part of being an endurance athlete. To other likeminded souls, these issues are common occurrences and are no more offensive than a runny nose on a cold and windy day.

In truth, I haven’t had to deal with any of the above referenced issues in about a week. I haven’t done any training since the marathon. I thought about getting outside to train, but I was either not feeling well in the morning or was too tired. I am beginning to wonder if my desire to train has left me and I fear becoming the slovenly couch potato I was 4 years ago (reminder to myself to post fat slovenly picture). Maybe I just need a little break to recharge, whereupon I will begin training again. I’ve read in various magazines and websites about the need to take some time off, after which, it is time to kick your ass back into gear. I’ve been at this juncture before, where I spent a couple of years training and then simply stopped and let myself degenerate into a big fat blob. Hopefully this will not happen to me this time around.

Earlier this week I was invited to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in the Armory on 26th Street and Lexington Avenue. It was a last minute invitation and my first inclination was to turn it down. The friend who invited me said “Come on Charles, you know how many men in this city would kill for an invitation to this thing?” Hearing that, I decided to suck it up and sacrifice an evening with my children and most likely forgo waking up in time to do a work out, to watch a bunch of scantily clad, beautiful women parade down a catwalk for a couple of thousand people.

The show was actually very entertaining. The models were of course hot, although I did feel that Tyra Banks looked like a great big Amazon Beast compared to the rest of the models. Tyra was very big and full figured with thick thighs, while the rest of the models were very waif like. In addition to the models we were entertained by Seal and Ricky Martin.

After the show was over, everyone proceeded into other rooms where you could consume all the vodka and Champaign you could drink. Cocktail Hors d’œuvres were served including caviar in shot glasses with little tasting spoons like then give in Baskin Robbins. On the way out, you received a Victoria’s Secret handbag. It contained shampoo, conditioner, candles, a $150 gift certificate and a pair of knickers for your woman. My wife felt they were too big for her, so not to let them go to waste, I decided to wear them. I must say they are very comfortable.

So in any event, I am off to take my son to soccer, after which I hope to get on my bike and ride 40 miles. I need to kick the lethargy out of my body and start moving down the catwalk again.


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