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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Possible Return to Health

So I ran approximately 13.3 miles today in 1:44:42. This elapsed time included all water and fuel breaks. Other than those stops, I ran it at a consistent pace. If you take away the 160 seconds I dallied at the water fountain, my average pace for the day was 7:40 or a 7:52 overall pace with the stops.

My legs felt pretty good until I got to around mile 11. By then I started to feel some fatigue, but I was able to maintain my pace and keep from slowing down. So even though I didn’t feel like I had more than 13 miles in me, at least I didn’t have to slow down to complete them. I didn’t pay much attention to my HR and instead just ran where I felt comfortable. This turned out to be a 157/170 HR for the day. Another good sign is that my legs are not sore at all.

My lungs didn’t have that asthma feeling, but I did sense some burning down my trachea during the few times I started to breathe heavy. Perhaps I am starting to get better.

Not much else to write about the run, other that it was a perfect day outside with clear sky, cool breezes and low humidity. A few times the sun was in front of me and the wind blowing from behind. Other times, the sun was behind me, but I had the wind blowing against me. I started to wonder which condition made it easier or harder to run. When the wind was from behind, I got the push, but I started to feel my body overheating. When the wind was in front, I kept cool, but I had to contend against the force pushing against me. I guess it depends on whether or not you handle the heat well. I don’t think I do, since when it is warm or humid, my HR is always elevated.


Blogger Brooklyn said...

I had a great long run yesterday and another good run today. My quads hurt (first time in a LONG time), but I think that just means I really pushed the envelope Sunday. Which is all to say, I know what you're talking about, with the return to health. Feels good doens't it?

You going to go watch Brian do his swim? The escapefromdiabetes.org guy?

12:52 AM  

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