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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sweat Hog

I describe today’s run in two different ways; “It was a good strong workout and I felt like I ran well throughout” or “I felt weak and slow and am discouraged by how difficult it became towards the end”. I am balancing on the sea-saw, trying to figure out which was the more apt description. So far, I am going to give myself some credit and say it was more of the former, rather than the latter.

Weather.com says the humidity is around 76% with the temperature around 82°F, with it feeling like 87°F. According to my watch, the temperature was more like 86°F and to me it felt like 90% humidity. My pace was nothing so great considering my HR, but I guess I run slower when it is warm and humid. I certainly sweat a lot.

I stopped at a bagel store on my way home from Prospect Park and I handed the cashier two 1 dollar bills that were literally dripping with sweat. A drop or two fell onto the counter when I handed her the bills. When I walked into my house, I had to go into the backyard in order to take off my short cropped Tri top. I was able to wring out a cupful of water from a top that barely covered my chest.

I wore Tri shorts for the run. I wear these types of bottoms, since I am able to tuck a gel flask on my left hip and a coin holder containing Endurolytes on my right hip. It is the simplest method of carrying fuel and electrolytes that I have found. The only drawback to wearing these shorts is that the bike pad was as wet as an overflowing maxi-pad by the time I finished.

During the run, I started to feel really fat. I’ve always had a layer of fat over my abdominals that stubbornly refuses to go away. At one point during my run, I could feel this layer of fat jiggling. The momentum of the fat moving in the opposite direction of my stride was very disconcerting and annoying. I am once again wondering if I can make positive gains in speed through liposuction induced weight loss.

For recovery of my run, I made myself a large glass of chocolate milk with some Hammer Whey Protein. I made sure to take some Lactase enzymes to keep my lactose intolerance to a minimum. So far it appears to be working. I then showered and returned to my kitchen to make blueberry pancakes for me and my children.

Here are the workout stats:

Lap Time Lap Time HR Max Avg Min Dist min/mile
1. 0:32:06.8 0:32:06.8 154 157 141 108 3.7 8:40
2. 0:59:51.4 0:27:44.6 155 166 155 130 3.4 8:09
3. 1:26:43.0 0:26:51.6 160 163 158 142 3.4 7:54
4. 1:46:34.6 0:19:51.6 160 163 160 155 2.5 7:56

Sweat Hog Run


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