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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Carnival at my Door

The Carnival of Runners stops on my doorstep this evening and I will endeavor to do it justice. Speaking of justice and matter of law, it is primary night in NY and I am pondering how to describe the differences between Republicans and Democrats to my 8 year old daughter. I suppose the difference is one of philosophy and as distinct in opinion as to whether or not you believe in the POSE method of running. It strikes me that POSE running would be the Democratic point of view.

It also strikes me that many of us have found running to be difficult as of late. Yours truly could barely manage to complete the NYRR 18 miler this past Saturday. Chelle describes her recent 10 mile run as a exhausting and sun scorched, ten-mile ordeal.

Jeanne discovers she is not dying, but has a torn meniscus and will keep running despite the issue. Brooklyn reiterates the theme for this post and describes his own suffering while the rest of New York was slugging it out in Central Park.

Zeke may have been the smartest of all, who took it easy while many athletes slogged it out at Ironman Wisconsin. You can read more about the brutal conditions of that race here and here.

I suppose there is something in each of us that keeps us coming back for more, despite it being tough or scary and making you sick.


Blogger jeanne said...

hey, thanks for the mention! Yikes are the planets all out of alignment? We are obviously all nuts!

8:16 PM  

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