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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Does the Absence of Anything Prove Nothing?

So I went to a pulmonologist today to see what has been bugging my lungs. My Oxygen levels were normal, my lungs sounded clear and the x-ray showed no signs of Lung Cancer, Asbestosis or other malady. I guess it could all be in my head. Which begs the question; does the absence of anything prove nothing?

I suppose your lungs are like an empty cup. You look inside it and do not see anything. This however does not mean “nothing”, as the cup certainly contains air. Maybe my lungs contain something that just can’t be seen.

Actually, the doc did state that the problem could be as a result of inhaling refluxed acid from my stomach during training, racing, sleeping or some other such time. It’s possible. It is not as catchy sounding as Asbestosis, for which I am profoundly grateful. Now if it was inhaled battery acid, that would be much more traumatic and worthy of the thoughts of impending death flowing through my mind.

So for now I will try to push the thoughts of dying a slow death of asphyxiation from my mind until I am so consumed with thoughts of lung trouble that I return to a doctor for another chest x ray. I wonder if the old saw about the patient that complained to his doctor of a pain when he moved a certain way, that he should refrain from moving in such a way applies to my condition. Hey Doc, it bothers me when I breathe. I guess it depends on whether your doctor is named Kevorkian.


Blogger Brooklyn said...

Geez, I tell my doctors that all the time. They just tell me to exercise more!

2:27 PM  

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