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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

One Step Forward, One Step Back

Yesterday I was supposed to do a 3 mile Active Recovery run. I intended to do it in the morning, but as I mentioned previously I was too tired in the morning to get roll out of bed so I figured I would try for later in the day.

As the day wore on I realized that I would be at work until well past 7pm, so my hopes of getting in the run were greatly diminished. During the meeting that was the culprit for my late work departure, I snuck off an email to my coach explaining my still at work status and asked he if thought I should get the run in. However, by the time I finally made it home (around 9:10pm), he had yet to reply, so I decided that I may as well get it in as a way to renew my commitment towards training.

The run itself was pleasant enough. Prospect Park was mostly deserted and the air had the feel of a chilly summer night up in the country. I only saw a couple of other people out in the park and the isolation made the place feel other worldly. My legs felt better than they have felt in a long time. I think running the NYC Marathon was just the ticket to working out whatever kinks were bugging them.

I returned home in less than 28 minutes and found an email waiting for me from my coach. Here it is:

Just got home, sleep (hope you did). Get a workout in in the morning.

Neil L. Cook
SLB Coaching & Training Systems
Asphalt Green Triathlon Training Institute
New York City
212-472-9281 or 917-575-1901 or 212-369-8890 x268
For me Frailty is a lot harder to bear than dying.
A Sweet Lightning Bolt Production


Personally, I think he needs to shorten his signature down. How many email addresses can one person need?

I went to sleep contented that I got my run in and resolved to wake up this morning to do my ride. I woke up at 4am with a rumbling stomach and bowel and decided to get out of bed to get an early start on my ride. After a quick pre workout meal, two caffeine pills and morning constitutional however, I found myself sitting on my couch watching House of 1000 Corpses and falling back to sleep. This was my one step back. I decided to bail out on the ride and went back to bed. If rest is part of your training, then I put in a good 1.5 hours worth of hard effort. I am quite clearly not used to doing a back to back night/morning workout.

Maybe I will get my ride in tonight.


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