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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Grinding Away

Via email to Neil Cook my coach. www.slb-coaching.com

Hey Neil -

Another strong workout today. I felt good on the bike, even though I still had some residual fatigue in my legs. It was not really possible to do the workout as your prescribed. Instead I separated the park into three sections. Grand Army Plaza to Bartel Pritchard, PPSW/Parkside to Ocean/Parkside and from the parking lot entrance to the hill. I just concentrated on hold my speed above 20mph during these sections and didn't worry about the time.

I posted my fastest loop on my last time around. I passed the cyclist with whom I have a long standing feud and he decided to get on my tail. This inspired me to have a 9:13 lap and allowed my average speed for the day to reach 20mph.

I only ran 2.5 miles since this is an "easy" week. I am not sure what is easy about it other than some reduced distance. My legs felt sluggish, but with my new found mental facilities, I was able to push past the physical crud and post a sub 8 minute mile for the distance.

As a side note, I took off yesterday from running. I wanted to spend the time with my family and I figured walking through the Bronx Zoo would be Active Recovery enough.

Note - Prescribed workout: 10 minutes warm-up, 18 mph, 19 mph, 20 mph, 21 mph, 22 mph, 23 mph for 60 seconds at each speed, recovery for 4 minutes and repeat 4 times, 10 minutes cool-down.

Grinding out another day.


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