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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Mental Barriers

Today I definitely broke through some mental barriers. I was filled with doubt as to whether I would be able to complete today's run. It was very difficult at times, but I somehow managed to push through it and stabilize myself at a decent pace.

I attribute today's exceptional run to two items. 1- Reading Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. It is truely inspiration reading as he talks about breaking through his pain, both mental and physical on his way to completing the Western States 100 miler. 2 - Having company. I ran with Todd for most of the run and we kept challenging each other. I would have to say I got the best of him, although I was lagging him at several points.

I think part of my problem on the run at last year's IMLP and IMAZ, is that I just wasn't pushing myself through the pain I felt. I didn't give myself a chance to adapt to the discomfit I was feeling and to try to push through it. I am hoping that I will take today's lesson and remember it when the going gets tough this year.

I ran slightly over distance, just over 15 miles. I could have gone 20, but I refrained. Here are the detailed lap splits:

Overall HR: 141/165
TIZ (155/137): A - 5:32, I - 1:19:25, B - 31:52
Calories: 1463

Lap Splits


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