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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Road, The Mold and PT

The Road

So I am reading this book called “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. It was recommended by my friend Todd. I don’t think I’ve read a more horrible book. It’s not the writing that’s bad, it’s the story. It’s about a father and son making their way through a post apocalyptic world and their struggle to survive. It’s thoroughly depressing and definitely not something that I should be reading. I don’t know if I should put it down or continue through what I am sure is to be a brutal ending. Just reading the pages is enough for me to want to down a Xanax and run for the anti-depressants.

The Mold

My wife and I own a condo in which we rent out. Our tenants had a leak underneath the kitchen sink and didn’t notice it until the floors were ruined and mold had set into the sheetrock and other areas. I had to have a company that specializes in mold remediation come in to remove the toxic material. Fortunately it was regular mold and not the black mold that everyone is in fear of.

Anyway, we spent over $1,500 to have the moldy floor and sheetrock removed and carted away. However that is not what the company we hired did. Instead of hauling the debris away and properly disposing it, they drove 3 blocks away from the condo and dumped it next to a fire hydrant where I guess they hoped NYC Sanitation would cart it away. Little did the employees of this company know, that the fire hydrant they dumped this stuff happened to be across the street from the house in which my family lives. At first we just thought some inconsiderate bastard had dumped some household trash. It wasn’t until the next morning that my wife passed it and realized that she was looking at the flooring that was removed from our condo. Needless to say we were a bit pissed off.

I called up the company and the representative that I arranged the mold removal with said that he was in shock when I told him what happened. Supposedly, the workers who dumped the debris are to be fired. He sounded sincerely contrite, but I’ve become a skeptic in my old age. I guess I’ll never really know whether this was standard operating procedure or just a one time case of workers being lazy. They had to travel back to Long Island to dump the stuff and I guess they didn’t want to make the trip from Brooklyn.

Physical Therapy

I started physical therapy on my leg this week. It has been going well and my leg is starting to feel better. I’ve been so bummed out about not being able to run. It’s been two weeks since my last run and 3 weeks since I’ve injured it. I think it is finally well enough for me to attempt my first easy run tomorrow. I’ll do it at some point in the day that I will be volunteering at the Sunken Meadow 6 hour run. I really wanted to be doing this race, but I guess it is just as well that I am not doing it. I want to do the Vermont 100 miler next summer and part of the requirement to do that race is to volunteer for 8 hours or longer at another ultra event. I guess everything happens for a reason.


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