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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Just Another Entry

So the other day I am walking to the subway after work and I pass the Subway sandwich shop where I will occasionally get lunch. Normally it is hustling and bustling, but today the windows were closed and a sign was out in front saying that it has been closed down by the Board of Health. That makes me feel so good as I just ate there the other day. I wonder how many roach bits I consumed.

I also took a ride in a taxi that has been outfitted with the GPS device that all the cabbies have been complaining about. I have to say the thing is great. You have a small computer screen in the back of the car that shows exactly where you are. It also has a TV that plays channel 7 all day long. You can get sports scores, restaurant and hotel reviews. You can also get a check on the weather and pay by credit card if you want.

This morning I took a private taxi to JFK. I am on a business trip once again. The ride to the airport was awful. I had a female driver and her driving made me sick. She would speed up when she saw a yellow light, only to stop short when it turned red. All the stop and going made me nauseous.

Yesterday I went to the doctor to have my leg checked out. It was the quickest $200 that I’ve ever spent. The doctor spent all of 5 minutes with me. Unfortunately, he didn’t take my insurance. I did get an x-ray though. The doc says I have excellent bones. My diagnosis is most likely a slightly torn adductor muscle with the prescription for recovery being about 3 weeks rest and physical therapy. The worse part about being injured is not being able run while I am away. I’ve gotten to enjoy my wandering around while running in other cities.


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