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Friday, December 07, 2007

Warmth and Comfort

So I seem to have developed a fairly consistent routine again. I am finding myself able to wake up in the morning and get in a workout. Also, I am getting to the gym at lunch to do some much needed strength training. Its amazing how much you lose when you don’t use it. I am not exactly week, but I can see it in my body and the weights that I am able to lift, that strength training sessions have been long overdue.

Most of my workouts have been indoors. I’ve been using the warmth and comfort of my basement to as a crutch to getting them in. I can just space out and watch TV while a run or bike. So far it has been working out nicely, although this morning, I think I may go outdoors for my run. It has been a while since I saw Prospect Park before sunrise. I guess I’ll see what is on TV first. I’ll report back here later.


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